BURDINOLA • Become by Burdinola

Our new range was conceived to create state-of-the-art scientific spaces, while perfectly encompassing aesthetic, functional, design and environmental criteria. Among the main innovations on offer, we can highlight a high capacity for aesthetic customisation which allows creating a differentiated unique style in the different work environments. This is combined with high versatility with the possibility of rearranging the layout and extending different spaces throughout time on the basis of use changes or extension, which furthers the life cycle of furniture while providing the greatest flexibility of use both in the medium and long term.

Resilience, quality, and ease of cleaning and maintenance are also added advantages offered by become, facilitating the performance of activities in the laboratory. On the other hand, considering sustainable scientific environments, Burdinola has created the entire line on the basis of sustainability and eco-design criteria, applied not only to the materials used, but also to the manufacturing process.

SAFETY, ERGONOMICS AND EFFICIENCY are qualities to define the personality of the new range and they are maximised in our FUME CUPBOARDS.

Market requirements

Adapting to the current and future needs of users, as layout can be rearranged. Service area panels are easy to exchange - move and relocate - and can be arranged vertically or horizontally.

The leading markets demand service systems to be independent from worktops. Aware of this requirement, Burdinola has created a range of fully independent systems and multiple combinations.

At Burdinola, we have designed and manufactured our new become range, so that electric and fluid components are pre-installed in our factory. This substantially reduces installation time at the customer’s premises and leads to greater comfort and higher efficiency.

The become programme was designed and manufactured to allow solutions – from a basic range at a very competitive price to a very high-performance installation - and high quality according to the customers’ needs.

The become worktops and systems were created to facilitate cleaning and decontamination, and to be pleasant and portray an unpolluted and tidy appearance to facilitate day-to-day work. To do so, materials, surfaces, textures, colours, etc. have been researched with this in mind.

The new laboratory equipment by Burdinola meets demanding standards related to safety. The materials and finishes used ensure reliability, comfort of use for years and an optimum design life.

Applied to each stage – manufacture, assembly, materials, process, etc. Burdinola’s customer service and after-sales service guarantee customer satisfaction.

The new become range achieves maximum space use through service systems, intakes, shelves, cabinets, drawers and auxiliary surfaces.

A functional, rational, but flexible product with our own character, which is embodied in the use of differential components, materials and colours.