Burdinola, a company specializing in the planning, integration and installation of laboratories, aims to be your INTEGRAL SOLUTION SUPPLIER, through a value proposal involving the integral development and management of any of the project phases, but always keeping in mind the entire process vision and follow-up. We offer the advantage of integrating our own products and promoting any associated peripheral services as an integral part of the offer.

Burdinola offers advanced technology solutions serving the premises of sustainability, ecodesign and applicable standards, applicable in both the global scientific building, and in the specifics of laboratory furniture.

We are in the select group of companies that can ensure, WORLDWIDE, advanced technology solutions for the latest generation of research laboratories.

Getting here has been the result of long experience and high technical expertise, and especially the professional spirit of a team that has always been committed to innovation and total quality.

The ability to generate innovation by the organization has been tested in our history since the establishment of Burdinola in 1978. This evolution is the result of continuous improvement that continues directing and motivating the whole team.

For our company quality of service, knowing very closely the reality of users in their different fields of activity, we have been able to develop products and services with a high level of requirements that cross borders.

Burdinola has been an engine of generation and incorporation of latest developments and technological proposals into the laboratory market, through its products and services, helping to define trends and proposing solutions for specific needs, even for the most complex of needs.

Burdinola History 1978-Present

  • 1978
    Company foundation.
  • 1981
    Start of activity as manufacturers of laboratory and school furniture.
  • 1985
    Specialization in laboratories and give up the school line.
  • 1990
    Master-Lab System: first modular systems combining design and functionality.
    We advance to the first places on the national market.
  • 1995
    Master-Lab System: System perfectioning overcoming strict user safety controls.
    Commencement of Internationalisation.
  • 2000
    OR 21 System: Maximum response capacity in design: personalisation, flexibility and unlimited combinations together
    with a high demand for safety. Consolidation among technological leaders worldwide.
  • 2010 en adelante
    V21 Fume Cupboards: Firmly advancing towards a modular system with intelligent equipment.
  • 2012-2013
    New BECOME range launching. Safety, ergonomy and efficiency make it a proposal designed to define a
    new path in laboratory equipment solutions.
  • 2017
    Creation of Burdinola Service, the division for the diagnosis and maintenance of laboratories.
  • 2018
    40th Anniversary.
    We commemorate 40 years creating safer labs. Our commitment to safety is nowadays our highest priority.