BURDINOLA • Committed to quality

Certified guaranteed quality

Our commitment as a reference company in the sector, likewise as a manufacturer and service supplier worldwide is supported by strict international certificates.

  • Management Systems Certificates
  • Safety Certificates
  • Environmental Certificates
  • Quality Certificates

Burdinola's entire range of products is certified according to European-wide standards; UNE-EN 13150:2001, UNE-EN 14727:2006, UNE-EN 14175-1:2004, UNE-EN 14175-2:2003, UNE-EN 14175-3:2004, UNE-EN 14175-4:2005, UNE-EN 14175-5:2009, UNE-EN 14175-6:2007 and UNE-EN 14175-7:2012.

Another example of our philosophy and discipline is our active participation in forums and associations such as CEN and EGNATON.

In 1985, Burdinola assumed Spanish representation in the European Standardisation Committee (ESC) in the laboratory field in general and fume cupboards specifically. We are the experts appointed by AENOR to represent Spain in the creation of European safety regulations in laboratories.

Burdinola is a founder member of the European Association for sustainable laboratories, EGNATON.

We currently represent AENOR (Spanish Association of Normalisation and Certification of Standards on the European Technical Committee TC4) as Laboratory supplier.

Certification of quality management systems

Environmental Management System Certification

Management systems for health and safety in the workplace Certification