Burdinola launches the XVIII edition of Burdinola Research Award The Burdinola Scientific Research Award is a reference between research professionals, included in its list of winners biggest names of Spanish scientific activity.

The concern Burdinola for contribute to the recognition and encouragement of the scientific community becomes a reality in 1993 with the creation and first edition of Burdinola Reserach Award. This year we retake this initiative with the announcement of the XVIII edition of Burdinola Research Award.
The theme chosen for this edition is -on the field of Nanomedicine; nanodianostic,regenerative medicine and peronalized therapy-. The presentation of the applications can be made until 15th May and it will be before 15th June when the jury's decision is known with the name of the winner of the XVIII Burdinola Research Award.
Once again, Burdinola has the collaboration of Euskoiker in managing the award. Euskoiker is a foundation, a non-profit entity, which aims to promote relations between the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and society, contributing to the recognition of research activity.
Due to the situation we are experiencing with COVID-19, research is now more necessary than ever. That is why from Burdinola we want to continue contributing to the recognition of researchers, thus now more than ever we maintain our support for them and contributing science to advance.

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