ISVV-Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin

Project Data

Year: 2008
Place: Villenave d'Ornon
Country: France
Type of Laboratory: Research
Services: Lab Planning & Equipment

Segment: Nutrition


Under the 2000-2006 State-Region contract plan and with the support of Segalen University - Bordeaux 2, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences brings together the grape and wine research, education and technology transfer teams from the following institutions:
- University of Bordeaux 1, Science and Technology
- Segalen University - Bordeaux 2, Life and Health Sciences
- Michel de Montaigne University - Bordeaux 3, Humanities and Social Sciences
- Montesquieu University - Bordeaux 4, Law and Economics
- National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
- Bordeaux Sciences Agro School (formerly the Bordeaux National School for Agricultural Engineering - ENITAB)
- Bordeaux Management School (BEM)

A building of over 10 000 m2 located on the INRA campus in Villenave d'Ornon houses the research teams and close to 300 students. It opened in January 2009.

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