Al-Muzahmiyya University; Faculty of Sciences (Al-Muzahmiyya, Saudi Arabia)

Project Data

Year: 2014

Place: Al-Muzahmiyya

Country: Saudi Arabia 

Type of Laboratories: Science Education

Services: Lab Planning & Equipment

Segment: Education / University

Al-Muzahmiyya is a city in Saudi Arabia located 77 km to the southwest of Riyadh. Its university is one of the centres of reference that depend entirely on the Ministry of Education (MOHE; Ministry of Higher Education). Currently, there is an ambitious government programme to provide this campus with sufficient autonomy. This programme provides for the integration into this campus of faculties covering all kinds of activities in the coming years.

Burdinola was responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and set-up of the Faculty of Science laboratories. The laboratories in this faculty were equipped with Burdinola furnishings from its OR range as well as various fume cupboards.

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