IMIBIC ; Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research. Cordoba (Spain)

Project Data

Year: 2014
Place: Córdoba
Country: España
Type of laboratories: Biomedical Research
Services: Lab Planning & Equipment
Segment: Health
The Maimonides Institute of Biomedical Research of Cordoba (IMIBIC) is one of the 22 institutes in Spain accredited for health research by the Carlos III Institute of Health and is made up of more than 450 researchers.

At these facilities, research will be carried out focused on the five IMIBIC scientific programmes: active ageing and frailty; nutrition, endocrine and metabolic diseases; infectious, immunological diseases and organ transplants; cancer and chronic and inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular or kidney diseases.
The construction work began in 2011 and the installation of the equipment was completed during 2014. Burdinola was responsible for the supply and installation of the laboratory furnishings, biological safety cabinets, fume cupboards for general use, fume cupboards for handling gamma and beta radiation isotopes, safety cabinets, ventilated cabinets for storing acids and bases, as well as stainless steel furniture for equipping the animal facility.

The new IMIBIC installations include laboratories and rooms of different types; general laboratories, as well as for histology, proteomics, mass spectrometry, genomics, cytometry, and safety laboratories of security for research with radioisotopes, and also rooms for cultures, microscopy, biosafety level P2, cleaning, centrifuges and dark rooms.


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