Nano Chamber • DATA SHEET


  • Vertical multilaminar air flow: 100% containment efficiency against adverse external effects.
  • Low air speed (<00.2m/s): No turbulence is generated from the air inside.
  • There is no loss or alteration of the sample’s physical properties.
  • Double filtering system: Energy efficiency - 230 m3/h x m.
  • Extraction of air to the outside: The recirculation of nanoparticles in the room is prevented.
  • Ergonomics: Up to 500mm of sash opening. Large interior space according to the different modulations: 1200 / 1500mm x 560mm x 1045mm.
  • Robust design: Steel structure and depressurization system in case of explosion.
  • Multifunction: Also approved as a nanoparticle weighing table (μg).


Resistant to chemicals: Smooth, easy-to-clean materials. Resistant to chemical erosion due to solvents.

  • Resistant to mechanical stress: Extremely robust structural steel element.
  • Jointless inner stainless steel cabin (AISI 316) with a recordable work surface


  • Motorised sash.
  • VAV - Variable Air Volume - control with a valve for a group of chambers.



Width (mm) 1.500 | 1.800
Depth (mm) 1.100
Height (mm) 2.500

Width (mm) 1.200 | 1.500
Depth (mm) 560
Height (mm) 1.045

All dimensional data Tol: +/- 5mm.


Work dimensions
Work height (mm) 900
Maximum operational height (mm) (*) 300
Recommended distance from sash (area directly behind the sash) (mm) 50
Recommended free space between bulky equipment and the interior walls of the chamber (mm) 100
Recommended elevation of large equipment over the surface of the worktop (mm) from 25 to 50

(*) When working, keep the sash as low as possible or closed, for the greater protection of the user and lower energy consumption. When installing bulky equipment inside chambers, it is recommended that in situ tests are carried out to ensure containment in these circumstances.


MODELS NANO 1.500 NANO 1.800
Frame Side frames made of steel pipe, with metal sheet lids, coated with polyester resin. Lower frame.
Worktop AISI 316 stainless steel worktop on support board. Recordable work surface.
Interior of the cabinet AISI 316 Single piece stainless steel sheet with rounded corners resistant to chemical attack. Jointed and welded interior cabin.
Sash Sash made of 3+3 mm bi-laminar safety glass.
Nº of sashes 1
LED lighting (20W) 1
230V/16A IP55 power sockets 4
Magneto-thermal protection 1 x 16A
Power sockets Socket voltage 230V-16A.
Socket voltage 230V-13A.
Computer socket.
Telephone socket.
Voice and data socket.s
Thermal-magnetic cut-outs 16A single-phase thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
16A three-phase thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
20A single-phase thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
20A three-phase thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
Power supply Single-phase power socket (3 poles) 230V-16A.
Single-phase power socket (3 poles) 230V-32A.
Three-phase power socket (5 poles)400V-16A.
Three-phase power socket (5 poles)400V-32A.


MODELS NANO 1.500 NANO 1.800
Diameter of the extraction (mm) (*) 1 x Ø200
Control of the chamber EO25
Caresafe Curtain
Active Airfoil
Test flow rate 230m3/hx mlin.
Maximum pressure in the duct 600Pa.
Electricity The installation of shielded hoses and super-immunised protection is recommended for the feed to a chamber

(*) The diameters of the outlet may vary depending on the installation.