Nano Chamber • Outstanding features.

1. Maximum safety for the user and the working environment in all nano applications, both in handling during tests and using analytical equipments.

  • Containment, robusteness and efficiency. 100% efficient containment for all sample types and sizes, even in adverse external conditions.
  • The use of a vertical laminar flow at low air speeds, does not generate turbulences, thus eliminating the risk of release of any nanomaterials outside.
  • Air extracted to the exterior, impeding recirculation of nanomaterials in the room.
  • Double air filtering system.

2. Sample properties remain unaltered since dispersion and agglomeration of the sample are avoided.

  • Zero turbolence thanks to the vertical laminar flow system.

3. Energy efficiency.

Very low speed operation:
<0.2 m/s compared to the 0.35 m/s - 0.45 m/s required in other systems. 230 m3/h*m.

4. Containment robustness testing, specific to nanoparticle applications.

The requirements of standard EN 14175-3 are exceeded.

  • Static and dynamic containment tests according to EN 14175-3.
  • Static containment tests with Dummy according to EN 14175-3.

Tests adapted to Nano technology.

  • Containment robustness tests.
  • Trials of adapted procedure with Nanoparticles.

5. Multifunction.

Specific chamber to work with nanoparticles that also includes the weighing table function (up to 6 digit precision).

6. Ergonomics.

  • Sash opening up to 500 mm compared to 200 mm of other types of equipments.
  • Contactless motorized sash.
  • Useful interior space depending on the model: 1200/1500 x 560 x 1045 mm.

7. Robustness of chamber against possible explosions.

15cm thick steel structure (sides) vs 2cm in traditional cabinets.

Comparison Chart