BURDINOLA • Lab Planning

Burdinola carries out research for complex laboratory facilities and developments, jointly and integrally taking into account process and equipment standards.

We work side by side with our customers, assessing and taking into account their requirements. We consider the space needs in each laboratory type and of people who perform their activity and work in this space. We recommend solutions, from draft preparation and pre-installations to the full functional integration of people, space and equipment.

Our projects incorporate the latest achievements in fume cupboards, security, advanced materials, energy efficiency, sustainability and respect for the environment.


Burdinola aims to be your INTEGRAL SOLUTION SUPPLIER, through a value proposal involving the integral development and management of any of the project phases, but always keeping in mind the entire process vision and follow-up. We offer the advantage of integrating our own products and promoting any associated peripheral services as an integral part of the offer.

BURDINOLA • Service Integration

We address the service needs of our customers during the entire life cycle of the laboratory:

  • Electrical and plumbing installations, gas evacuation, ventilation, specialised facilities.
  • HVAC, fire detection systems and security system.
  • Space enclosures, partitions, ceilings, floors, lighting.
  • Removal of materials at the end of the life cycle, financial services (leasing and other), validation and training, after-sales service, maintenance, audit and consultancy, call centres.
  • Civil works: walls, floors, ceilings.
  • Sterile or Biological containment rooms, ATEX rooms.
  • Technical Direction.
  • Energy Audit.
  • Laboratory management software, Document management software.