Nano Chamber • More innovation. More enhanced safety. greater efficiency.

Nanotechnology and the management of nanomaterials in the workplace has been identified as one of the main emerging risks today. The handling of nanomaterials requires specific measures that guarantee that the most common operations can be carried out with maximum safety for both the user and the sample.

Easier and safer

The Nano Chamber is intended for the safe handling and weighing of nanomaterials. Thanks to its innovative design, it prevents the release of nanomaterials into the laboratory atmosphere. Likewise, it impedes dispersion, agglomeration, loss or degradation of the sample, so that its properties remain unaltered.

The most innovative design

A unique aerodynamic design resulting in unmatched containment and efficiency. Large useful interior capacity with a 1.045mm interior cabin height and a glazed upper part allowing full visibility of the tests being carried out inside.

A Global First

Provides maximum safety for both the user and the sample, like no other device in the market. The only chamber in the market that has been specifically developed for working with nanoparticles.